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Chiropractic- Certified Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner


To promote a healthy pregnancy and birth outcomes be sure to include chiropractic care as one of your health care tools. Prenatal chiropractic care can reduce the discomforts of pregnancy, reduce and prevent uterine torsion, decrease pain during birth, enhance maternal nerve function, and allow for a healthy, safe, optimal birth experience.

Chiropractic care postpartum can allow for a faster recovery, and help the joints return to pre-pregnancy function. A pediatric assessment of baby can also be a valuable part of postpartum care. Even a great, natural birth can be hard on the baby. Some infants maintain poor womb positioning or suffer from birth trauma, which can affect their structural and neurological development, decrease their ability to nurse effectively or even be comforted.


Many women make the awesome decision to breastfeed. But for many, breastfeeding does not go as easily as anticipated. There are many different reasons problems arise:

  • modern birth practices
  • falsely elevated birth weights
  • premature birth
  • formula supplementation
  • use of a nipple shield
  • improper latch
  • incorrect positioning
  • maternal health problems
  • birth trauma resulting in mechanical/neurological deficits
  • lack of support
  • tongue/lip tie
  • scheduling feedings, etc.

Sadly, many women are simply given bad advice from well meaning health care providers, family, friends, mommy blogs, and even other lactation consultants. When things start to go wrong, both mom and baby become frustrated and many women feel like a “failure”, and the problem begins to spiral out of control. But it does not have to be this way! A woman’s body is incredible, you have the ability to create a brain, two kidneys, lungs, a heart, digestive system, a whole new complex life. Making milk is the easy part! Learning to trust your body, and the millions of years of evolution that went into the mother-infant relationship is the first step.

Contacting a private practice lactation counselor is the next move. You and baby will be provided with a thorough health history, assessment and examination of mom’s breasts, baby’s latch, position, baby’s mouth, etc. If low milk supply is of concern, pre- and post- feeding weights can be measured, to observe if adequate milk is being transferred during a feeding. After the feed a diagnosis can be made as well as correction of the problem and plan to get mom and baby back on the right track.

Laura T

“I’m glad I didn’t give up when breastfeeding was so hard! Dr. Kristen Lee not only helped me improve breastfeeding, but she also helped me feel way more confident as a new mom.”

 The first two weeks after my daughter’s birth were full of fear and failure. I had to supplement with formula and use nipple shields for cracked, bruised and bleeding nipples. I thought breastfeeding would be easy, but it was painful and confusing! I saw two CLCs through my hospital, but they just encouraged the formula and shields. Every feeding took over an hour… breast, bottle, pump… I would cry most days thinking ‘I can’t keep doing this. My daughter loves the bottle and hates the breast.’ I didn’t feel any connection with my new sweet baby that I carried for over 9 months. My mom encouraged me to call Well Rounded and they had Dr. Lee talk with me. She came to my house that night! She spent two hours with us getting to know the whole story and easily corrected our latch and position issue. We stopped the bottle and the shields right there and never had to go back. It’s amazing how the depression lifted and how I felt so connected with my baby. Dr. Lee saw us again for a check in a day later. She was so supportive and available when I needed it most. I’m so thankful that I got help from the right person! Thank you, Dr. Lee!” -Laura T.

brooke family

“After attempting to exclusively breast feed for a week, our family doctor recommended we go to formula immediately upon our first check up. I was heart broken that I was not producing enough milk and latching was such a challenge. I decided to reach out to Dr. Kristen Lee. Dr. Lee was willing to come to our home, however we met at her office at the Well Rounded Maternity Center where within moments she was able to show me a different way to hold our baby that other consultant at the hospital had not. Latching immediately became easier. We discussed our attempts to BF and she asked our goals. After taking the time to understand our situation, she put me on a plan that would help increase my supply and continue to bond through breastfeeding with my little one.  I could not be any happier with our decision to consult with Dr. Lee. Since doing so, I now breastfeed with ease several times a day. I would have given up without her guidance and support.”-Brooke T.